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Little Babies, Big Steps: Premature Delivery By Voluntary C-Section May Result in Birth Injury

The first days home with a newborn share much in common with a roller coaster ride. Emotions range from excitement to frantic concern, pure joy to the scary realization that you are in charge of the bundle of joy in your arms. Unfortunately for some, especially those born prematurely, the arrival home may be just the beginning of a number of return visits to the hospital.

The March of Dimes recently announced a decrease in the nation’s rate of premature births, which was credited to medical advances and early intervention. As the rate of premature births decreases, so does the rate of children who suffer birth injuries closely tied to early deliveries. Although this decrease is celebrated, concern still exists over the rate of voluntary Cesarean Sections performed prior to the 39 th week of gestation.

The organization reiterates the importance of continued development within the womb as long as possible. Babies born prematurely still face a wide array of challenges ranging from difficulties regulating body temperature to intracranial hemorrhages.

Although the medical profession makes continued progress in post-natal care, the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that infants born before the 38 th week of pregnancy often require additional medical care. The American Pregnancy Organization further states “premature newborns face an increased chance of having one or more complications.” These complications may be alleviated during the initial hospital stay; others require continued care throughout the preemie’s life.

JAMA states the “level of extra care needed often depends on how early the birth occurs.” As a result, it is important to avoid unnecessary C-sections before the 39 th week of pregnancy. The longer the child can develop within the womb, the stronger the odds are of avoiding the many complications linked to premature birth.

Many families rely on the advice of medical professionals when determining whether an early delivery by c-section is appropriate for their circumstances. For those who’ve been misguided by their doctor, Rhode Island medical malpractice attorneys can help obtain the compensation your family needs to deal with the complications of a C-section that was performed to earlier.