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Lawsuit claims hospital lab errors misdiagnosed patients with HIV

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Failure to Diagnose, Firm News, Surgical Errors

When people in Providence think about the word “misdiagnosis,” they often associate it with those who’ve suffered from conditions or illnesses that medical personnel failed to recognize. Yet what about those who’ve been wrongly diagnosed with a serious condition that they don’t actually have? This may surprise some, but often these misdiagnosed patients suffer even more due to the emotional stress that they’re forced to endure as they contemplate dealing with the illness. Some may even go so far as to seek treatment for the condition, not realizing that they’re endangering themselves by undergoing treatment procedures that they don’t need.

A recent lawsuit filed by a New York lab technician against the very hospital that she works for alleges that during her time on staff, the inexperience and lack of knowledge by some of the staff led to many patients being misdiagnosed with HIV. It’s her belief that after reporting these concerns to her superiors, she became a target for ridicule and retaliation through negative performance reviews and unwarranted disciplinary action to being deliberately passed over for promotion. The city’s Health and Hospital Corporation disputes the woman’s claims despite the fact that two separate outside audits, including one conducted by their own Inspector General, found them to have merit.

It’s often this code of silence amongst healthcare providers regarding a wrong diagnosis and other medical errors that perpetuates these issues from being internal matters amongst hospital staff to serious safety concerns that put patients at risk. Anyone who feels as though they have suffered because if such a medical mistake may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to see what their options are in seeking compensation from the provider.