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Birth injury for baby gouged by hook

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | Birth Injuries, Firm News, Surgical Errors

For one family, the delivery of their newborn child came with an upsetting revelation. Their child suffered a birth injury due to the use of an amniotic hook during the delivery. After the birth, the child was rushed off and suffered some complications immediately after delivery. The recent news story shed some more light on the details for curious individuals in Rhode Island.

During the birth of the child, the woman was assisted by a midwife. The midwife used a tool known as an amniotic hook to attempt to break the amniotic sack around the baby. Both the mother and the father report that, during this time, the midwife forcefully stuck the tool into the birth canal, verbally noting how tough the sack was to break. The family reported that this gouging went on for five to 10 minutes.

After the birth, the child was immediately whisked away for a bath, and unfortunately, she also came down with hypothermia. Shortly after, the child began to have trouble breathing and was sent to the NICU. The parents reported they were told that the issue was related to the trauma of the birth, but that the gouges on the top of the baby’s head were never mentioned.

After not being able to receive any answers, help or apology from the hospital, the woman took to social media to share her story. The mother says that she just wants an apology and not to have to pay for a birth injury that was caused by hospital staff. Other Rhode Island individuals with similar issues may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to investigate how to be compensated for losses resulting from malpractice.