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Woman awarded over $24 million in medical malpractice case

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2018 | Doctor Errors, Firm News, Surgical Errors

For most families in Rhode Island, the birth of a child is a time of celebration and happiness. Unfortunately, the aftermath of delivery turned into a nightmare for one family in another state. A medical malpractice lawsuit filed against the hospital as a result of the harm the woman suffered recently resulted in a significant financial award.

The woman was admitted to the Tripler Army Medical Center in July 2013. She was 37 years old at the time and delivering her third child. Several hours after she arrived at the hospital, she was reportedly experiencing a fast heart rate and low pressure and was clammy and pale.

After the baby was delivered, reports indicate that her condition deteriorated with signs apparently indicating that intravenous antibiotics were needed. However, such care was not provided, and when a rapid response team responded, she was already experiencing sepsis. She experienced the failure of many of her organs, and she required a ventilator. Although she was released from the hospital in late August, she was readmitted in September. She has since undergone a kidney transplant and will likely face yearly hospitalizations for the rest of her life.

The hospital reportedly admitted liability in the case, and the judge awarded the woman $24.7 million to cover future medical expenses and to compensate her for lost wages. Even though most hospitals are equipped with medical professionals dedicated to their patients, incidents such as these happen in facilities in Rhode Island and across the country. Often, the only way to ensure that victims of medical malpractice can afford the ongoing medical care they require is to pursue compensation through civil litigation.