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Almost $8 million awarded in medical malpractice lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Doctor Errors, Firm News, Surgical Errors

The spine is an incredibly important part of the human anatomy. An injury to it can often have catastrophic consequences for victims in Rhode Island and across the country. Often, those suffering from such an injury may not realize the severity, assuming they may have simply injured the muscles of their back. As a result, it often falls to medical care providers to recognize the potential of severe injury and take action to reduce the chance of additional harm. Unfortunately, a medical malpractice lawsuit claims that workers at an urgent care failed to provide appropriate guidance to a man suffering a spinal injury, resulting in permanent paralysis.

The man was reportedly injured in a work accident in 2014. He went to an urgent care clinic for treatment. Though he was suffering from a back injury and the urgent care clinic reportedly has a policy in place on how to treat such injuries, the lawsuit alleged that this policy was not followed.

The plaintiffs specifically argue that the urgent care clinic did not restrict the movements of the man. Instead, he was allowed to undress himself and walk around the clinic. The movement, the lawsuit claims, resulted in the disruption of the man’s spinal cord, resulting in permanent paralysis from his waist down; a jury recently awarded him nearly $8 million, with the majority of it earmarked for his medical expenses, both past and future. A representative for the defendants claims that they intend to appeal the award, arguing that, though the man’s circumstances are tragic, he actually suffered from a thoracic disc disease and had experienced issues with his spine for approximately two decades.

Unfortunately, people with no medical training often lack the ability to recognize what could potentially be a serious injury. As a result, they expect that medical professionals will accurately advise them regarding the best response to an injury. Instances of medical malpractice in Rhode Island can occur, however, prompting victims to consider their legal options. Often, this could include filing a civil lawsuit against the parties believed to be responsible.