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Catastrophic accident caused by DWI driver in stolen dump truck

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2018 | Firm News, Surgical Errors

It is an unfortunate reality that drunk drivers cause a disproportionate number of the vehicle accidents in the United States. Their carelessness leads to over 10,000 deaths each year and tens of thousands of injuries. It is critical that drunk drivers be held responsible for the pain, emotional trauma and monetary damage they inflict on law abiding drivers and their families.

Such was the case early last month when a drunk driver caused a multi-car collision near the heart of Providence, when a drunk driver ran a red light and struck two other vehicles. The driver of one of the vehicles did not survive; the passenger of the same car was rushed to a local medical facility for serious injuries.

Early morning accident

Brian Pagan Torres was driving a landscaping dump truck just after midnight when he T-boned another vehicle at the intersection of Atwells Avenue and Valley Street. A third vehicle was involved, but no injuries were reported.

Pagan Torres survived the accident with minor injuries, but WPRI reported that the driver of the T-boned vehicle, Frank Perry Jr. was killed on impact. His passenger, Donald “Bo” Hahn, was rushed to the hospital and put into an induced coma with multiple broken bones. Both Perry and Hahn are young fathers. Perry leaves behind two children, ages 8 and two.

Witnesses told police that Pagan Torres fled his vehicle after the collision and ran into a gas station. Multiple bystanders tackled Pagan Torres and forced him to remain on the scene until law enforcement arrived.

Pagan Torres, 25, was charged with several crimes according to Patch, including:

  • Driving to endanger resulting in death
  • Driving to endanger resulting in personal injury
  • DWI resulting in death
  • DWI involving bodily injury

Police also suspect Pagan Torres stole the landscaping dump truck he used to cause the accident. In addition to this, Pagan Torres was also recognized as a probation violator on two previous crimes. A Superior Court judge called him a danger and ordered that he be held without bail.

Life after an accident

A vehicle accident this serious makes an impact that will not go away soon. Perry’s young family is left to contend with a wrongful death while Hahn’s loved ones will face significant medical bills. This is not to mention emotional trauma all may experience, loss of income and companionship and several other strains.

If you or a loved one experience a situation like this, being an advocate for yourself and speaking with a skilled attorney is one of the best things you can do. Flagrant disregard of the law and the safety of others is unacceptable. Individuals that commit these kinds of acts need to be held responsible.

Some things cannot be undone, but a professional can help you seek justice and the resources you will need to get back on your feet.