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Did Your Medical Condition Go Undiagnosed?

When you go to a doctor’s office or hospital for a regular checkup, or because you are worried about specific symptoms, you expect the physician who examines you to make a serious, professional effort to find out if anything is wrong with your health.

At the medical malpractice law firm of DeLuca, Weizenbaum, Barry & Revens, Ltd. in Providence, Rhode Island, our lawyers hold doctors accountable for failure to diagnose serious illnesses.

Seeking Compensation For Injuries, Illness And Death Caused By Delayed Diagnosis

Physicians are highly trained professionals, and a major part of their job is diagnosing illnesses based on their patients’ symptoms, test results and other information. While an accurate diagnosis is never guaranteed, doctors are required to make reasonable efforts. Our firm represents clients who have been harmed because doctors misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose their illnesses. The following are some of the major types of cases that we handle:

  • Any amount of delay or error in the diagnosis of any type of cancer can do significant damage to a patient’s prospect for full recovery.
  • When someone has the warning signs of a heart attack, doctors should recognize those signs and move quickly to provide appropriate care.
  • Doctors and other medical professionals have the training to identify the symptoms of stroke and can often be held accountable for failing to do so.
  • Radiologists are legally responsible for following the standards of their profession and evaluating test results with a high degree of care.
  • Any delay in the diagnosis of a spine injury could cause a patient to develop serious physical and neurological problems.
  • An untreated infection can become extremely dangerous. Doctors and other health care providers need to be alert whenever a patient is at risk.

Our lawyers take time to conduct in-depth research and develop strong case strategies to help clients who have been harmed by medical misdiagnosis.

Call A Lawyer In Providence To Discuss Your Medical Misdiagnosis

If your condition has gotten worse because a doctor did not diagnose what was wrong with you in time to treat it effectively, don’t hesitate to contact us online to schedule a time to discuss your options. You can also call us at 401-354-7233. We will not charge you any fees unless we help you obtain compensation.