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When Walk-In Clinics Are Not So Convenient

When you go to a walk-in clinic to receive medical treatment, you have a right to expect the same level of care and attention as any other patient in any other medical facility. Unfortunately, some clinics cut corners, sometimes seriously harming their patients as a result.

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Seeking Compensation For Inadequate Treatment At Clinics

Walk-in clinics have the potential to play an important role by providing medical care to communities – especially low-income communities – that may not be well served by primary care physicians or hospital facilities. Unfortunately, not all clinics live up to that potential. Many walk-in clinics are more interested in profit than people, and many rush people through office visits and medical procedures without providing adequate care. The doctors and nurses who work at these facilities may be judged more on their ability to speed up “patient flow” than the actual quality of medical care that they provide.

Holding Walk-In Facilities Accountable For Negligence

It is also common at some walk-in clinics for important tasks to be left to unqualified staff members. For instance, nurses may end up doing work that should be done by doctors, and other staff members may end up doing work that should be done by nurses.

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